Dolpo Region Trek
The concealed jewel of Dolpo exists in the remote vicinities of Western Nepal to the north of Dhaulagiri range that allows you to have up close and personal encounter with majestic Mountains existing nearby the Tibetan border. Dolpo had long been shut from the outer world till it came into the limelight overnight with successful screening of Oscar nominated acclaimed movie entitled ’Caravan’ which got worldwide appraisal and soon became best western Nepal Trekking.
Dolpo Trek is a Restricted Area Trekking that was opened for foreigners only in 1989. The restriction aided in retaining the decade-old traditions, culture and way of life very much like the originality and unmarred from the taint of modernism. In fact, Dolpo is among the few regions where ancient Bon Po religion and Shamanism is in practice till date. Being in the rain shadow of the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Mountain Ranges, Dolpo Region receives no rainfall which gives the land arid and deserted looks but which also means Dolpo Trek can be taken throughout the year including Monsoon Season.
Sauntering through Shey Phoksundo National Park- the largest National Park of Nepal that supports different rare and endangered Himalayan Wildlife including Musk deer, Himalayan blue sheep and snow leopard, crossing several High Passes the apex of which allows 360 degree views of enchanting terrains of Dolpo Valley and the kaleidoscopic views of Dhaulagiri Range, Nilgiri, Kyangyu Ripa, Kanjorowa Mountain and Annapurna Himalayan Range and gazing the turquoise blue radiant water of Shey- Phoksundo Lake, visiting the venerated Shey Gompa Monastery and Namgung Gompa Monastery all are the salient features of Dolpo Trek.
 Our expert from ’Alpine Zone Treks’ have crafted 24-day long expedition package that takes you through the adrenaline rush journey of Shey Gompa- the ethereal heart of Upper Dolpo. Entrance to Dolpo Region needs special permit from Nepal Government as being Restricted Area Trekking.
Since the route advances through High Pass, Dolpo Trek falls under strenuous trekking category and thus requires expert guidance and pre- trekking experience along with equipments required for trekking. Be informed that a chance of High Altitude Sickness exists.
Boarding the flight to Jumla, Dolpo Trek commences from Gothichaur and proceeds to Napakhola whereby the first Pass of Mauria Lagna is crossed. The trail advances through another High Pass of Kagmara La to exquisite Shey Phoksundo Lake and continues by the way of villages and river to Dunai and Juphal whence a scenic flight takes us to Nepalgunj after which a connecting flight will let us enter the City of Temple- Kathmandu.  
  • Lower Dolpo Trek

    Lower Dolpo Trek is the Restricted Area Trekking into the secluded territory of Western Nepal to the north of Dhaulagiri Range where eon old Bon Po and Shamanism rituals are still in practice. The foreigners were allowed to gain entrance on Lower Dolpo only after 1990. Lower Dolpo Trek falls under handful of those treks that can be enrolled even during Monsoon season as the entire belt falls under rain shadow of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Mountain Ranges, thus depriving the region from rainfall.

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  • Upper Dolpo Trek

    Perched in the far- flung lands of Western Nepal, Upper Dolpo happens to be the least developed district in Nepal. Remained aloof from the outer world till the year 1989, the popularity of Upper Dolpo region sky rocketed with release of the Oscar nominated movie Caravan directed by famed Eric Valli which distinctly depicts the unchartered vicinities of Dolpo with its archaic culture, traditions and ways of life, speaking of which, Dolpo region is among the few whereabouts in the world where ancient Shamanism and Bon Po religions are in practice. Dolpo is also known for its eccentric death ritual of sky burial where the body of the dead is considered empty vessel that the soul has left and thus is disposed off by lacerating the body into pieces which are then benevolently offered to eagles. The uncommon Upper Dolpo Trek at ‘Alpine Zone Trek

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