• Dhaulagiri Expedition

    If you are thinking about visiting Nepal in the month of September of 2014, no trekking itinerary will suit you better than Dhaulagiri Expedition2014. Dhaulagiri Mountain which is also known as ‘The White Mountain’ is the seventh highest mountain of the earth as it stands tall at 8167m. Dhaulagiri Mountain is located to the northwest of the scenic Lake city of Pokhara in Western Nepal. 

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  • Everest expedition

    Everest Expedition one of the most challenging expeditions as trekkers has to conquer the giant and defy Mount Everest (8,848m) who does not bow down in front of others. Nepal trip for Everest Expedition one must be mentally and physically fit prior to think for it. Everest Expedition is alike a dream for every trekkers who have passion over trekking. Alpine Zone Treks is one the renowned trekking companies who has set proper itinerary for Everest Expedition with nepal travel guide. Everest Expedition is positioned at the Sagarmatha Zone and in Mahalangur Himal.

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  • Annapurna Expedition

    Annapurna as a peak is the sequence of 55 km extensive peak with elevated spot, Annapurna I and is positioned at an elevation of 8,091 meter, crafting as the 10th most soaring summit of the entire world. Annapurna is an extravagant set of connections which is huge in the eastern ravine, separating all the way through the Himalayas via Kali Gandaki River. It again further divides from the massif Dhalagiri which is to be found in west, 34 km ahead.  In Sanskrit Language Annapurna signifies as the land full of food thus it is supposed to be the Goddesses of Harvest.

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  • Specail Mountain Climb Packages
  • Choyu Expedition

    Choyu Expedition is an integral segment of expedition that are carried out in Nepal as Choyu is listed as the 6th elevated peak with stunning mountains. Choyu peak is also recognized as the Turquise Goddess in Tibetan terminology. Choyu Expedition is encountered as the peak for climbing expedition. From the moment when mountaineers are attempting their destiny in Mount Everest, Choyu has its existence. In 1954, Austrian Expedition was succeeding to turn up on the pinnacle of Mt Choyu. The fascinating verity about Choyu Expedition is mountaineers do not have to bottle the oxygen. This is the reason behind the successful mountaineering of more than 500 mountaineers.

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  • Barunche Expedition

    Barunche is the elevated mountain which is positioned in the eastern part of Nepal. Barunche is circlet with 4 peaks and surrounded by Hunku Glacier from the Southern part where as Barun Glacier from the eastern side and Imja Glcaier from Northwest. Barunche peak sets grandly figure with world’s utmost mountains such as Lhotse, Everest and Makalu. An ascend till West Col compels noteworthy face up where as in general the summit is not that mechanical, However, it asks physically challenging. Barunche Mountain was foremost ascended by Geoff Harrow and Colin Todd in 1954. Barauntse Peak is situated with an elevation of 7,129 meter.

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