Mustang Trek
Mustang Trek provides the prospective trekkers and visitors with the opportunity to travel through the mystic region of Mustang which lies in the western region of Nepal. Mustang is one of the remote districts of Nepal. Though remote, Mustang Trek is one of the most popular and travelled treks in Nepal that takes you to the ancient Buddhist kingdom of Lo-manthang. Mustang is a mystic valley located atop Kaligandaki River in the rain shadow of the Himalayas. As Mustang receives very low rainfall throughout the year, the fact makes Mustang Trek feasible even during the monsoon season.
Mustang Trek introduces you to some of the enchanting places in Mustang districts like Kagbeni, Marpha, Jomsom itself and the sacred temple of Muktinath which happens to be one of the holiest Hindu shrines in Nepal. Hence, Jomsom Trek ensures that your trek is filled with adventure as well as the added benefits of also being a pilgrimage tour. Mustang happens to be one of the most remote districts in Nepal and you will relish the opportunity to discover the ancient cultures and traditions that are still in practice in the region of Mustang.
Mustang Trek takes you through a journey of barren moonscape of eroded sandstone pillars and intermittent moraine terraces. Thousand years old monastery, the city wall and the four storey palace in Lomanthang, caves, local tribes and breathtaking views of mountains like Nilgiri, Annapurna and Dhawalagiri makes the travel to Upper Mustang even more tempting. The route also traverses through the world’s deepest gorge formed by Kali Gandaki River and it is one of the features of the trek. The kingdom of Lo- Manthang is one of the most important places in Mustang as the place stands as a symbol of old Tibetan culture in the region of Lo. A special permission from the government agency (Department of Immigration) is necessary for trekking along Mustang as it previously fell under the category of restricted area trekking. Mustang Trek allows 10-13 groups (2-14 people maximum). Strong winds usually howls across the area during day which subsides at night.
Mustang Trek commences from the beautiful city of Pokhara where we will reach after a picturesque drive from the capital city of Kathmandu. After sightseeing in Pokhara, you will then commence the Mustang Trek either via flight to Jomsom from Pokhara or hiking all the way to Mustang. 
  • Mustang Trek

    Tread through the ancient Trans Himalayan kingdom that was once forbidden to the outer world until it was officially opened to the foreigners in the year 1991. It still requires special permit from Nepal Government to visit this mystical land of Mustang. The last forbidden kingdom of Mustang not only shares its border but also its culture and traditions with the natives of Tibet. Upper Mustang Trekking is the thrilling voyage into the high Himalayan lands of Western Nepal which is popular for holding the ancient Buddhist kingdom of Lo. As Mustang lies in the rain shadow of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Mountains, it receives very little rainfall each year and thus Upper Mustang is the region that you should try if you plan to visit Nepal during monsoon season.

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