• Mountain Flight in Nepal

    Mountain Flight is an adventure sport where you can fly in the high sky just like a bird. Nepal is the land lock country which is surrounded by elevated and dazzling mountains which are even covered with white snow. Those mountains have their own historical significance. Today Mountains are contributing us to earn foreign currency by attracting many tourists. As they are arriving to observe those magnificent mountains, our country, Nepal is getting a platform to be recognized in front of the world. It replicates so as to how environment is consequently generous to us. Nothing like other nations, we do not have to generate non-natural mountains to pull towards for promoting tourism.

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  • Rafting in Nepal

    Nepal has emerged as a global tourism hub across the whole world. Many tourists visit  the country with the primary intention of trekking and adventure. Trekking in Nepal has  become one of the most followed activities across the globe as Nepal possesses some of  the great trekking trails acknowledged in the entire world. Besides trekking, there are  many tourists who prefer adventure-related sports and activities like rafting, paragliding,  bunjee jumping, mountain biking, etc. Going by that, rafting along the rivers in Nepal is  one of the popular activities in Nepal. It has drawn considerable number of tourists over  the years as they wish to experience the thrill of white water rafting.

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  • Jungle Safari in Nepal

    Topping the list of ‘Things to do in Asia’, Jungle Safari in Chitwan National Park is the  adventurous journey into the Chitwan which when translated becomes ’The heart of the  Jungle.’  Jungle Safari in Chitwan National Park is the thrilling journey through the subtropical  and riverine woods which are chiefly dominated by Sal trees. It gives us the opportunity 

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